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RidgeOak Living

Located in Austin, TX, RidgeOak is a person-centered long-term living community for adults living with mental illness. RidgeOak provides residents with a structured, safe place to live, grow, pursue their own interests and develop a stable lifestyle through person-centered support.

Person-centered support calls for including the resident in decision making at all levels. The core principles of person-centered support include:

  • Empowerment for each person
  • Providing the person with maximum choice
  • Emphasizing respect in all interactions
  • Promoting positive and meaningful relationships
  • Embracing a community of unique individuals who all have a sense of belonging and purpose

A major component of person-centered care is choice. Our residents may choose to participate in numerous activities that interest them personally, such as volunteering in the community, becoming involved with a church community, or joining the local activity center. Recreational outings are also a regular part of life, including bowling, going to a movie or coffee shop or dining at restaurants.

We are a very unique long- term care community that focuses on the individual’s personal needs and interests, not just on the diagnosis or treatment regime. At its heart, RidgeOak promotes dignity, self-worth, relationships, stability and a quality of life.

Learn more about the day-to-day life of our residents at our therapeutic living community.

In addition, we have two other living programs:

SanMarcos Community Living Program: A small residential home and independent living program for adults with brain injury, mental health or other cognitive disability.

LiveOak Living Community: A rural residential living community located just outside San Marcos, TX for adults living with brain injury, mental health or other cognitive disabilities.

A place to call home.

RidgeOak is a small residential program offering person-centered support for adults living with mental illness.